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The Popularity of Classic and Modern Paintings

Published by : modernartshow  on  07 Mar 2014

The Popularity of Classic and Modern Paintings

Although classical and contemporary abstract art is quite different, both forms are very popular among art lovers. The major difference lies in the evolution of paints and modern painting techniques as well as the structure and theme of a particular painting. The classic abstract art composed of multiple layers of the painting; whereas modern art uses the direct technique or single layer of the painting. Both techniques are still used by artists and painters wherever they think either one looks suitable and practical.

Modern paintings very rightly depict their subject owing to the contemporary techniques and advanced color palettes. Contemporary artists enjoy this art tremendously and create abstract paintings based on their creativity and passion for abstract art. Direct style of painting was first introduced by the Impressionists and was later on adopted by general public and painters who had just started painting. Mostly opaque colors were used in this technique in the past; however, now there is a combination of transparent and opaque colors in modern art.

Many people also compare the two types of art to determine their differences and to see which one looks more appealing to the viewer. The Impressionists were known to use very diverse colors including earth and brightly lit colors. The combination of these two created such vivid and alive modern paintings that the viewer would be left spellbound. Nowadays artists make use of organic colors that form a complete palette including various hues of the same color. Now you would see multiple shades of primary, secondary and tertiary colors in a modern painter’s palette.

Abstract art is something that needs to be studied carefully. Some people may not understand the intricacies of this form of art but the truth is it comprises of so many underlying concepts that sometimes it becomes difficult to comprehend them all. However, those who have studied art at school enjoy this form very much and they are also aware of the difference between contemporary and classical art. Both forms are displayed in a public art gallery demonstrating their popularity in today’s world.    

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