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Subjective Mirror

Published by : for T. Datsi  on  26 Aug 2012

Subjective Mirror By T. Datsi

      In a process I call Subjective Mirror, the canvas or surface of objects are seen as an entrance into a void of the mind. Similar to taking a Rorschach test,the images emerge while in a meditative state. The formal relationships of random mark made on the canvas produce the illusion of human forms made of texture and drip. I shift my focus to various significant points of contrast within the composition and the areas of light and dark change and flip in space to suggest new forms. I have found that others find images within the painting that I did not intentionally create. In the original painting, I was overwhelmed by what the subconscious mind produced before my eyes, so I brought out the images a bit at a time. Superimposing them on one another, I made a composition of horovacuaous field. During the process, it is often difficult to determine which point of contrast is of most importance, as the mind searches to make meaning out of the intense staring at natural mark. It scans for more information from the points of contrast and works hard to find definition in a field of suggestion. It is of interest to learn just how the mind makes up its realities. We construct mental representations from our physical experience and name things in order to understand our relationship to it on a multitude of levels. These concepts then become metaphorical projections in relation to the outside world. As we gather experience through the senses, we then gravitate toward further information and interpretation in order to come to some kind of gestalt of understanding. The staring at random mark and visual stimuli that up all of the visual field… dislocates the viewer’s physical experience from recognizable descriptions, freezing the cognitive process. This halting of description produces an atmosphere of mystery and spiritual experience. Though this seems to discount the spiritual experience as a lack of information, I do believe in the spiritual journey because of what is produced by the mind, which is a mass of archetypal figures that seem to express my feelings and understanding of the world at that particular time. (To be continued)

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