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Subjective Mirror part 2

Published by : for T. Datsi  on  09 Nov 2012

  Out of Chaos T.Datsi 2006 

  SubjectiveMirror By T. Datsi The UnNaming - Part 2    It is in the un – naming of things in which the spiritual experience occurs. Getting past surface definitions frees a stifled will. Through associative thinking space, objects and the logical order of ideas are changed and new possibilities present themselves. This is meant literally. When I stop looking at the canvas as a canvas and begin to view it as a window to the unknown or some kind of truth to be known, a spiritual experience can present itself. It is a kind of perception in which everyday things become sacred, enhanced by the imagination. Objects take on new meaning when I take the time to let myself see. I notice both positive and negative space, and intuitive assumptions connect more spontaneously. I must also add to the reader, this new experience of the world takes place naturally, through long periods of silence and remaining open to possibility. Subjective Mirror is a form of artistic meditation. It is through silence, that blocks of habitual thought dissolve and heal.


Opposites can complement instead of oppose….pointing a way towards further understanding, Silence can bypass the ego and ironically self -restraint, allowing a time of child-like play with perception and mystery. It seems that conscious intentions with a willful direction are often too bold and awkward. And, in working with Subjective Mirror it takes practice to know just when to isolate a figure seen from the field of suggestion.   The mark must be sure and spontaneous from the tracing of the actual vision on the canvas. So it is in the un-naming of things and through constant inward reflection that I eventually find . Subjective knowledge is a period of turning inward in , “a quest for the self”, to begin to see one’s own knowledge as having authority and truth. Outward silence is often characteristic of subjective understanding until internal information can be connected with an external reality (Blenky76), 02/07/12 Blenky, Mary Field., Clinchy, Blyth McVicker., Goldberger, Nancy Rule., and Tarule, Jill Mattuck Women’s Ways of Knowing. New York: Basic Books, 1997. (53-152)

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