Thoughts and desires

Price: £ 2200

Category: Oil Paint

Author: BXH030

Size: 1100 mm x 1200 mm


Clash of thoughts, events, whispers and understatements. It is a dream, or even awake? What place do I handle in a stream of self-consciousness? I dream about fulfillment, assurance, and longed-soothe.

On the bright, though patchy background, outlined irregular shapes. Strong, dark contour and firm line prevails among them. The dark, completed and clear contours testify to the certainty. That, what I am seeing, is really happening. The dominance of dark colors means however, anxiety. During the night the eyes need to be more vigilant. In the pupils reflects light of the moon. The pupil illuminated by the brightness, extends to the extreme. In the illustrated on a canvas enchanted world, strange characters are visible. Although they are far from the images of people, we are confident that their existence is real.

Characters are made up of the whole complexity. Imagination of the artist gave them a very uncommon shapes. They are firmly and unambiguously embedded in the image. Figures can be, they can also fly into the air on the wings given to them by the creator.

A mirror. Slippery, cold and silent glass that can accept in yourself, the whole universe.


In the mirror reflects desires of the figures , their deepest feelings and secrets. In the eyes of the viewer they represent as something abstract. However what else is thinking - mine, yours, of all people.

It is impossible to describe them in words. The elusiveness allows to capture on a canvas. An image may give what you do not overcome by the human speech.


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