The allegory

Price: £ 2400

Category: Oil Paint

Author: BXH020

Size: 920 mm x 1250 mm


The painting has a vertical orientation, the main object is located in centre, between the amorphous pale spot on top and the horizontal dividing line at the bottom. This composition is opened, patches of colour and the bottom pattern are not restricted with a frame. The dominant object, a part of human body, probably spinal column, is surrounded by unreal shapes, one of them is probably human's brain. All of them are illuminated by light which looks like floodlight.

There is no readable light source on the surface. Those anatomical elements connected with light make an impression of post mortem or scientific model. Although the main object is collocated in centre, this interpretation may be wrong. Usually those solemn acitivated imposes putting things in order, with no mess nor accidental. This situation depicts things put disorderly, like slackly abandoned after work. There is no coincidence in comparing those parts of human body – perhaps it is spine as a symbol of our morality, brain as a pictorial representation of mind's abilities. Colours are dependent on the impression of post mortem and on the luminosity. Cold temperatures intensifies the experience of anatomy classes, it connotes us 17th century subject matter but grasped in new disturbing way. 

When we think about those kind of art, there is the other interpretation – we still look for the allegorical meaning, now it may be the vanity theme, known well for centuries. In that case, bones are a symbol of our instability. What is interesting, anatomical elements are painted with meticulous conscience realism but it is knowingly co-pared with surreal background and confusing incomprehensible objects. This contradiction interrupts the viewer's observations. However it is absolutely intriguing. Moreover there are many ways of interpreting this representation, every each of it forces us to make a reflection about our life's transience.


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