The Road

Price: £ 650

Category: Oil Paint

Author: AXW01

Size: 500 mm x 700 mm


In the Greek mythology (a set of ancient myths), Zeus sent down to the earth a first woman and gave her a dowry box, tightly closed by ordering, never to open. Woman was a Pandora. Together with her husband, Epimetheus, defeated by curiosity, they broke Zeus' prohibition and opened it. At this moment … from the inside all the calamities and deficiencies came out, which scattered all over the world. But there was something else in the box …

At the bottom of the can, when the misfortunes and sorrow flew away, the hope remained.

Thus in the picture „The Road”, the sorrows and difficulties, universal human emotions that we all come together, lead to the knowledge of what you desire. The strength of misfortunates is in our metamorphosis … Can purify our thoughts of every superfluous, clearly emphasize what we lack, what actually is crucial to us. From here, there is only a step to the achievement …
such as it executes a picture's character … a step ahead.


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