Naked nature

Price: £ 600

Category: Oil Paint

Author: PXL02



The act persists to intrigue and delight us. The mystery of a man, his inscrutable mind, and beauty of the body, built by the human character, while being as a journey map, that takes each of us through the life. The body demonstrates who you are, where you were, and how hard you are working … whether you love yourself … or you forget about that.

Each act is beautiful. This is a combination of model and the eye of the painter. An effort of describing a man whose you see, to understand him.

Here you can see a mature woman. Courageously looking at the viewer, Her weary body is the focal point of sophisticated space. Gently conducted line and vigorous moves depicture the shapes of the model.

The picture is an exploration of the colored surfaces, and the materials as well. An attempt to enact a depth.


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