My personality

Price: £ 1750

Category: Oil Paint

Author: PXL01

Size: 900 mm x 700 mm


The image creates sometimes a moment to the changes. In the world of houses made of glass and steel, where the more and more principles divests people of the freedom of expression, where the door closes noiselessly, and ensures that the natural human insanity does not interfere with the agenda … the images are like drops of blood on the white tablecloth. Touching and completely surprising, there is a life in them. They recover the natural human feelings. Crucial even, if only for a while.

We need them to breathe. The chaos that we can see on many canvases fixes our consciousness of who we are.

In the picture world a lot is going on. One situation billows into second, everything tangles and links. Like in the painting of Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch painter who lived at the turn of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, human insanity finds its verbalization.

This composite image appears to be light, with a plaything in a sunny summer afternoon, with a tangle of the beauty and monstrosity. In the meantime ... an attentive observer will notice ... that there are two different worlds of one man. Battle goes between good and evil. The question is … what is one thing, and the other one?


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