Mirror reflections

Price: £ 1450

Category: Oil Paint

Author: GOXP1

Size: 600 mm x 810 mm


Close shot, a moment stopped in the frame of the canvas. The broad sweeping brushstrokes, paints paints surfaces reflect the lightness and youth of girl.

Exists on the painting so close to us and so intense that it seems, that she stands next to, and the image is its mirrored reflection. Even a dark hairstorm and glasses are not able to hide her vulnerability and fragility.

This is an interesting portrait of innocence, standing at the edge of an adult life. When the lightness of girlishness turns into a mature desires, consciousness of their strength and willingness to meet.

A moment of change is in itself a great mystery and a melange of feelings. Each of us goes through it in a different way, experiencing the desire of the new and the fear of that, curiosity about himself, and perhaps even uncertainty before the opening on.

In these moments you compose your future, create yourself anew… Who will be is in your hands.

The painting is in vertical format, the dimensions (type size of canvas), painted in oil technique. This is an expressive image of strength and delicacy concluded in a single human body.


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