Price: £ 350

Category: Oil Paint

Author: JXA04

Size: 1000 mm x 810 mm


A fiery oranges, the reds like tongues of fire devour green and blue planes. Engulf and dominate like a hot love or passion, turning it into dust as irrelevant and coincidental. Meanwhile, and the fire takes awhile, so long like item that is on fire. Eternally insatiable, when it appears, with the fury taking what belongs to him. Live with ardour, passion.

Colors and emotions are struggling on canvas. We look as if from the top of the fragment of space.

Is this abstraction? Accidental mosaic of color planes to enjoy the eye of casual viewer? Joan Miró i Ferrà (living in the twentieth century painter of Spanish origin) once asked about what depict his paintings that are explanation for the world... the word "abstraction", accidental and creating a whole, splashes and colors, he said that always paints memories, emotions and real objects and people, in yourself comprehensible language.

Paintings are an individual record of feelings similar to all, so here, where struggling emotions.


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