Price: £ 490

Category: Oil Paint

Author: MXP2

Size: 1200 mm x 800 mm


We become the same as the world that surrounds us. On a cool morning, anxiously rubbing our hands together, trying to warm up frozen fingers. Running somewhere. Agility warms sleeping body for a moment. Hidden under the mask, in the impetus, it becomes an armor, protecting you against yourself, hurts day after day …

Painting is a thoughts stopped in the canvas, in these years, it becomes especially crucial. This is a reflection of our time and the world. When the technological development accelerates, the knowledge comes, the arena of the world is getting crowded on global issues … then we require a breath, to look at each other. On the walls of skyscrapers and offices of the steel and glass, the image is a window for changes. The mirror in which time view itself …

Polish Art created in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is distinguished in the international arena. Allegorization, an equivocation, the depth of feeling of the dynamics of time, which we live and how we shape, we need not only a play of forms and colors …

About Artist:

Martin P. born in 1975 . Talented artist intrsested in sculptuer, painting, photography, graphics, architecture, history, psychology. His art focuses is based on sourand reality, presenting defficult social and political subjects.
His works are in private collections in EUROPE


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