Defloration 1

Price: £ 2500

Category: Oil Paint

Author: WXP006

Size: 1200 mm x 1200 mm


Defloration is a moment in which a woman enters symbolically into adulthood, by losing hymen. Here, sketched character getting rid of its innocence. Passes through the gates to a new life, a fuller colours and expressed emotions. Each of us, when faced with wounds, opens in front of himself a new world, with the more complete knowledge of each other, a blood sacrifice... pushing the boundaries of the possible by one degree further.

The graphics is divided into two parts. The lower part is marked by defloration... in the upper, female figure sways and leans forward. She pulls out arms, already feeling a new life.

The work is kept in scanty range of tones. Shades of gray, black, white background, and sepia. Interestingly solved is the variety of line with which the artist reflects the shapes and textures. We feel softness of the human body, the liquidity of blood, the cold surface on which the figure sits.

The work has dimensions of (...), is harmoniously constructed frame, retaining moments of dramatic struggle for a new world. In this way, clashes a false security of innocence with the desire to feel the life, without limits.



The author is a prominent artist of the young generation, creating mostly large format, in his own technique. Also fond of creating graphics and painting. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated confirm his creative passion. The works attempt to explore human emotional states, often those, that we are trying to hide from the world in the depths of our minds and souls. 


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