Price: £ 470

Category: Oil Paint

Author: MXD03

Size: 700 mm x 1000 mm


In the history of painting there are a few masters of still life, who could paint the objects and their mutual dependence as if they depicted us… the people and relationships that unite us. Household utensils were a metaphor for that, which is concealed in a man… is not denominated, in silence, without the discourse. Zurbaran, Simeon Chardin, Cezanne, van Gogh ... these are just a few of the colourists, enjoying in the mutual relations of simple things.
The modern painting often returns to the formulas known from the past. Following the trail of a truly universal concept ... in the simplicity search for itself. In that picture we can discover the characteristics of Simeon Chardin's painting, an eighteenth century French painter. In a pitcher's whiteness, in a dense texture of paints with which a bowl is portrayed, we can see the artist's exploration, the willingness to find the form and the interactions of distinct shapes and colors. Why do we love the still lifes? There is a calmness, which is often absent in everyday life. Where it comes from …? That is the ability to celebrate every moment. Which would not return …



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