The human insatnce 2

Category: Mixed techniques

Author: WXP013

Size: 1500 mm x 1600 mm


 A surreal, inconceivable vision. Confusing the contours of bodies, space is not able to accommodate the complexity of. On a white background can be seen two figures, in their shape resembling two people. The color varies between shades of brown and navy blue. The contours of the bodies highlighted by a darker line, regularly cutting off the border of characters from the uniformly white background. Here and there the body light up brighter reflections.


The characters are naked. The masculine principle and the particle of femininity. From the chaos of ideas emerge beings, wishing a complement and unity. Merged together, take a silent journey in the space of the image. Delicate, but lush femininity. A strong, clear masculinity. Such different, but the ongoing fixedly side by side. To achieve unity, you must first lose yourself in that which is different: unrecognized and strange. In the background there are vague shapes. Are these thoughts the character? Their daydreams, dreams, hopes? Or maybe the echoes of past events, dropping tiny beads on vastness of the human memory. The whole scene is shrouded in fog of mystery and understatement. The behavior of the characters is unclear. Their identity remains unraveled. Unspecified are even ultimately limits of their bodies.

The migration lasts, takes place here and now. We do not know when it started. No one knows when it will end. However, you must still go shoulder to shoulder and hand to hand. Up to the eternal unification of souls.


The author is a prominent artist of the young generation, creating mostly large format, in his own technique. Also fond of creating graphics and painting. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated confirm his creative passion. The works attempt to explore human emotional states, often those, that we are trying to hide from the world in the depths of our minds and souls.


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