Euphory 3

Category: Mixed techniques

Author: WXP010

Size: 700 mm x 1000 mm


 The final act of unification. Consolation, calm, melt the entire image space, the silence. Filling the dance of elements. The ancient, mythical image of Heaven and Earth. Symbiosis and fullness. Together we overcame the chaos.


The spectator has the impression that the scene played out in front of him gradually slows down. The characters are no longer as close to each other: their bodies are clearly separated. Despite of this the figures form a unity. The union of bodies allowed the creation of another connection, one that will last in the eternity. The lines outline the contours of characters are uniformly black. There are no blurred borders of bodies. Filling background is a mixture of brown, beige and intense orange color.


Orange material is also different. Becomes thicker, intensifies its color, surrounds the characters with softer splices. But what, really curtain was to disappear? No, that is impossible! This is not what we wanted! You have to grab it and hold on at all costs, we need to have it with us. Thanks to it we were able to accomplish everything we wanted. Safe shelter, a certain harbor, quiet hideaway in the middle of the sun-saturated forest. We have achieved the unity. Now we have to hide deep that no one could take it away from us.


You look at the picture and overwhelms you peace of mind. Fills you warm, melt over the body, reaching the every corner of your soul. A gentle touch, bare, trusting feet, hands created in order to provide sensitivity. The movements of characters are subtle, full of attention, not to hurt the other with the ill word, unbalanced gesture. The characters look at each other, even though you can not see their faces. Yes, it is certainly a great feeling between them.

This is it that has enabled to be born a fiery curtain. And it will not let it go away.


The author is a prominent artist of the young generation, creating mostly large format, in his own technique. Also fond of creating graphics and painting. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated confirm his creative passion. The works attempt to explore human emotional states, often those, that we are trying to hide from the world in the depths of our minds and souls. 


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