Euphory 2

Category: Mixed techniques

Author: WXP009

Size: 700 mm x 1000 mm


 I am exposing in front of you, what I have treasured. Blood pounding faster and faster, our bodies are floating helplessly in space. I can hear the beating of our hearts, united in a strong weave suddenly erupting emotions. I can smell you, piercing my body in every nook. You smell the wind, pulling leaves, the rain, scratching blade patterns in my eyes. I soak up you with every move, and my body sings.


The composition is extremely dynamic - looking at the picture may get the impression that before his eyes, takes place a bizarre scene. The sound spreading in waves, song of the bodies resounds with the fire of orange waves. One of the characters leans over the other. You can hear the whisper of touch, soft brush materialized just desire. Flaming bands appear to float presented by the artist, characters. Strong, black outlines of figures stand out a strong line from the rest of the space. The whole force of its existence seem to scream in ecstasy, in the euphoria of initiation into a magical ritual, which is taking part.


There is nothing outside of us. Nothing is important. Nothing is real. I want the flames devoured our bodies. I want to burn in the fire of unity. Lean on me. Touch me, let yourself drift to the magic. In the fairytale space we tell the story itself. Let this impermanent, will disappear. I want the eternity in the symphony of our souls.


The author is a prominent artist of the young generation, creating mostly large format, in his own technique. Also fond of creating graphics and painting. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated confirm his creative passion. The works attempt to explore human emotional states, often those, that we are trying to hide from the world in the depths of our minds and souls. 


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