Price: £ 6500

Category: Mixed techniques

Author: WXP011

Size: 2100 mm 1000 mm


 When you want to look them in the eyes, you encounter a wall of a tangle of bright orange lines. They cover the faces of characters, by creating a safe haven for them. These lines, like the rushing waves of a stormy sea of passion, absorbing the thoughts and words. The conversation of characters is a symphony of colors, with their source where thought arises...


There is nothing outside of us. Nothing is important. Nothing is real. I want the flames devoured our bodies. I want to burn in the fire of unity. Lean on me. Touch me, let yourself drift to the magic. In the fairytale space we tell the story itself. Let this impermanent, will disappear. I want the eternity in the symphony of our souls...


You look at the picture and overwhelms you peace of mind. Fills you warm, melt over the body, reaching the every corner of your soul. A gentle touch, bare, trusting feet, hands created in order to provide sensitivity. The movements of characters are subtle, full of attention, not to hurt the other with the ill word, unbalanced gesture. The characters look at each other, even though you can not see their faces. Yes, it is certainly a great feeling between them.

This is it that has enabled to be born a fiery curtain. And it will not let it go away...


The author is a prominent artist of the young generation, creating mostly large format, in his own technique. Also fond of creating graphics and painting. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated confirm his creative passion. The works attempt to explore human emotional states, often those, that we are trying to hide from the world in the depths of our minds and souls. 


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