Price: £ 1800

Category: Mixed techniques

Author: JXZ09

Size: 1190 mm x 1190 mm


We have many faces. Masks are changeable, unstable like everything that artificial. The artists for ages immersed themselves in their own interiors, by documenting every day change of their consciousness… Like a film frame, one after another shows a dynamic process of intrinsic changes.

This vivisection, the surgery performed on the living soul, is both for us, the audience of the canvas and painters... a fascinating journey. How to select the measures, colors, forms to present complex inner emotions? Whither such attempt to express feelings will lead us? Who does not want to know own answer to this question, close himself to the plenteous, surprising and bringing changes, world.

The artists teach us a lot... making the world a better place, thanks to showing the inner life of man, an attempt to translate the ephemeral thoughts into concrete form, a distinct view of the world, courageous disclosure of the most personal experiences, which are common for all of us, and attempt to answer the question... Who am I? What do I feel? Where am I going?

The canvas is divided into 9 squares, each filled with a different presentation of the same... thoughts of one man. Nine squares, the same space but thought distorts, confuses and condenses it.

The colors on the canvas mesh together to form a colorful range. Grays, whites, browns and oranges combine with each other. It lacks the specific shapes, forms are instantaneous, dynamic.

This attempt to define its own "I".


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