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Welcome to our gallery of modern art

Founded in 2005, is an online portal - managed by Klaudia and me - bringing together both professional artists and amateurs. While contacting on a daily basis with the artists, we started to pick genuine, outstanding works, with unprecedented themes. This artists have above-average superb workshop and unique creative concepts. The artists whose works are presented, they are not yet, the stars, but they have already substantial exhibition achievements, vernissages and many favorable reviews about themselves in the media. This is a the promise very high expectations for the future.

Gently surprised at the quality of works presented in the so-called stationary commercial galleries, and above all, quality and price relation, we decided to open a web gallery of modern art to present you, an alternative.

We do not sell copies, prints, neither duplicates of the works that already have been sold. Buying from us, you get the product, that is unique, spectacular, and eye-catching for a long time. Since you came that far our gallery and you are reading this section "About Us", you must be looking for fresh gust, hypnotic works and  mesmerizing art pieces. This gallery fund them for you.

Thank you for visit,

Claudia and Martin

If you are interested in projection art, visit my brother's website :

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